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School Council

At Dingle Community Primary School we have a School Council because:


  • A School Council benefits the whole school
  • It gives pupils a chance to express their views to staff
  • Pupils can have an input on important decisions
  • Pupils can develop confidence and communication skills

We believe the benefits of having our School Council are that children:

  • take responsibility and help this improve their behaviour
  • learn to solve problems
  • become more independent
  • learn to take part in discussions and talk about things that affect them
  • want to improve the school environment


Our School Councillors are encouraged to:


  • be committed and determined to make a difference
  • think about ways to improve the school
  • look out for issues to deal with
  • talk to children and staff about the School Council
  • learn new skills
  • have ideas about things the School Council can do
  • listen to other people's views and understand them
  • care about school and want to improve it


When the classes vote for their councillors each year they are looking for these following qualities:


  • good speaking and listening skills
  • not selfish or bossy
  • committed
  • sets a good example
  • good team player
  • honest and loyal
  • lots of good ideas