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Correspondence with parents

Dates for the Diary


Below are some dates for your diaries, including some really fun events that we hope you can join us for. Details can also be found on the calendar! We are all very excited that we are now able to hold family events again- they make such a difference to the children here at Dingle Community Primary.


  • Fri 23rd September- the first of our new weekly Praise Assemblies (Parents will receive texts if their child has won student of the week!)
  • Mon 26th September, 2pm-3.10pm- Class E Family Learning session with parents
  • Tue 27th September, 9am-10am- E-Safety Workshop for parents (all years)
  • Mon 3rd October, 2.45pm-3.10pm- Meeting for Class L (parents and children) about the statutory Multiplication Tables Check
  • Wed 5th October, 9am-10am- Class S Family Learning session with parents
  • Mon 10th October, 2pm-3.10pm- Class N Family Learning session with parents
  • Wed 12th October, 9am-10am- Class D Family Learning session with grandparents
  • Wed 19th October, 9am-10.30am- Class G Family Learning session with parents
  • Wed 19th October, 2pm-3.10pm- Class L Family Learning session with parents
  • Fri 21st October- final day of this half term
  • Mon 24th-Fri 28th October- school closed for half term
  • Mon 31st October- INSET day (school closed to pupils)
  • Mon 7th November- additional swimming sessions for Classes L and S (because of missed session on 19th September)
  • Mon 14th November, 2pm-3.10pm- Class I Family Learning session with parents


Our Family Learning sessions will be linked to the children's topics and will be lots and lots of fun. We hope to see as many parents (grandparents for Class D) here for the sessions. The opportunity to work with their parents in school is invaluable to the children. 


Our E-Safety Workshop are for parents to find out about how to ensure that your children are safe when using technology. They are being delivered by an expert in the field who is coming into school especially. If you would like to attend, please use the link below to complete a brief form to let us know. 


We look forward to seeing you at our events. if you have any questions, please feel free to speak to classteachers at the start or end of day, see myself or Mrs Wallis on the playground, email to or call us on 01384818305.


Many thanks.


Gemma Anderson






Praise Assemblies Friday 23rd September 2022 onwards


It has been such a long time since we were able to have parents in school for celebratory assemblies, or indeed since we were able to have whole school assemblies at all. Now we are finally able to do this, we have decided to make some changes.


Instead of our pre-pandemic monthly Open House Assemblies, we will now be having weekly Praise Assemblies. Each week teachers from each class from Reception to Year 6 will award 'Student of the Week' to one child from the group. If your child has won this special award, you will receive a text message inviting 2 adults to attend the Praise Assembly where their award is given out and their achievements are celebrated. Because of increased numbers of pupils on-roll, we can no longer accommodate the number of parents who attended Open House Assemblies. However having weekly assemblies with invited parents means we are able to celebrate the achievements of many more pupils across the academic year.


We will, of course, continue to celebrate Planet Points, Behaviour Badges and achievements outside of school in these assemblies. If your child would like to bring in awards from outside school, please send them in with your child on a Friday morning.


Many thanks for your continued support.


Gemma Anderson


Queen Elizabeth II


Following the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, we have now been informed that her State funeral will be held on Monday 19th September and that this has been declared as a Bank Holiday. As such the DfE has stated that all schools will be closed on that specific day. School will be open as normal until then and again from Tuesday 20th September.


We have made the decision to postpone our very first Praise Assembly with invited parents- it felt inappropriate to hold a celebratory event of this nature during the national period of mourning. Further information on these assemblies will follow in a separate message. Parental Phonics Workshops will go ahead as planned.


This week each class (D to S) will be spend assembly times working collectively to create and write cards of condolence, each class selecting their favourite image of Queen Elizabeth II and writing a class message explaining how important she has been. On Friday we will be posting these 7 cards to Buckingham Palace.


Gemma Anderson


Family Learning Workshops: Phonics


As you know from our calendar of events, we are holding Family Learning Workshops, with a Phonics focus. This is a valuable opportunity to work alongside your child and gain an insight into how early reading is taught at our school, in order for you to use the same strategies when reading at home. It is through working together that we give our children the best chance to become skilled readers!


If you would like to attend this event please drop your children off as normal and then come round to the main school entrance to sign in.


These events are on:

Wednesday 14th September for class D (Reception)


Thursday 15th September for classes I and N (Years 1 and 2)


We look forward to seeing you and I'm sure the children will be excited to work with you!


Gemma Anderson


PE days

PE days for this half term are shown below. Children need to come into the school in the PE kits.


Class D (Reception): Tuesdays

Class I (Year 1): Tuesdays and Thursdays

Class N (Year 2): Wednesdays and Thursdays

Class G (Year 3): Mondays and Wednesdays

Class L (Year 4): Thursdays (Swimming kit needs to be brought in on Mondays.)

Class E (Year 5): Wednesdays and Fridays

Class S (Year 6): Fridays (Swimming kit needs to be brought in on Mondays.)


PE days will start on Monday 12th September, with the exception of Year 5 who will have their first session on Friday 9th September. 


Please ensure correct PE kit is worn. If you wish for your child to wear a long sleeved top with their kit, this must be a plain black hoodie or sweatshirt.


Gemma Anderson


The new school year


Hello everyone. The staff team are back at work today and are very much looking forward to the children returning on Wednesday 7th September.


Please remember that the window for drop offs is 8.40-8.50 and collection at the end of the day is 3.10-3.20, with children coming in and out of their external class door, apart from year 6 who use the Upper School corridor entrance. If your child is in year 5 or 6, you will receive a letter on Wednesday about giving permission for your child to work to or from school alone. If you wish for your year 5 or 6 child to be dismissed alone on Wednesday, please us on to let us know. Any years 5 and 6 pupils will permission to walk to or from school alone will now use their normal class entrance, rather than the main entrance, from this point forward. All other children must be accompanied by an adult and will not be dismissed alone.


Many of you are aware that last year we ran a number of before-school intervention groups. These are being planned as part of tomorrow's INSET day and letters will be sent home to invited children, who we feel will benefit, later this week. These clubs will not start until Monday 12th September.


If you would like to book Breakfast or After School Club, we will continue to do this online, via School Money. School lunches will also need to be booked using this system. A text message will be sent out when this is live.


Children will continue to come to school in PE kit for PE days. A text message will be sent to you this week to confirm these days and PE lessons will start the week beginning Monday 12th September.


A quick reminder that any emails from parents to school must be sent to (as stated in the Communications Policy shared with parents last term) as this is the email address most frequently accessed. Emails from parents to other school email addresses will not be responded to unless there are periods of enforced school closure and remote learning- if this is ever the case, parents will be notified. 


I hope that you enjoy the next couple of days with your lovely children- we are really excited to see them on Wednesday morning.


Gemma Anderson






Parents' Evening Appointments: Classes D to S


Parents' Evening is being held on Wednesday 20th July. The form for requesting appointments was removed at midday on Monday 18th July; parents were made aware that this would be the case.


Many thanks.


Gemma Anderson


Weather predictions Monday 18th and Tuesday 19th July 2022



What lovely burst of Summer we've been having! I hope that everyone has been enjoying the sunshine. Typically, it isn't predicted to last much longer!


You will no doubt have seen that the Met Office have issued weather warnings for the coming Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Precautions are in place to keep the children as comfortable as possible in school. These will include:

  • Avoiding PE lessons after 11.00am
  • Reducing morning playtimes and lunchtimes outside
  • Encouraging children to drink more water throughout the day
  • Keeping classrooms as cool as possible
  • Breaking the day into shorter lessons with movement breaks and periods sitting outside in the shade


Please send your child in to school with suncream already applied and a sun hat. Most of our children are already wearing their summer uniforms and are keeping cool. On Monday and Tuesday, if your child does not have school uniform shorts or summer dresses, please feel free to send them in wearing their PE shorts with their school t-shirt. Children are also free to wear sensible sandals on these 2 days if you wish. 


Please see the government's 'Beat the Heat' flyer (link shown below) for further information. 


Many thanks.


Gemma Anderson



Dates for the next academic year


Please go to for information on the term dates for the new school year. These have been added to our website calendar.


Please note that school will be closed to pupils on the following dates for INSET.

  • Mon 5th September '22
  • Tue 6th September '22
  • Mon 31st October '22
  • Tue 3rd January '23


There is also one more INSET date to be set- this will be shared with you as soon as possible.


Now that we are able to have parents back in school, the following parental workshops have been arranged and further details will come to you in due course:

  • E-Safety- all parents invited- 9am, Tue 27th September '22 
  • Family learning Phonics workshop- class D- 9am, Wed 14th September '22
  • Family learning Phonics workshop- classes I and N- 9am, Thu 15th September '22



Gemma Anderson


Staffing updates for September 2022


It is with both excitement and sadness that I am writing to let you all know about some staffing changes for September 2022.

In September 2022 class teachers will be as below.


Current class

New class

New class teacher


Class D (Reception)

Miss Jones

Class D (Reception)

Class I (Year 1)

Miss Potter*

Class I (Year 1)

Class N (Year 2)

Mrs Miller*

Class N (Year 2)

Class G (Year 3)

Mrs Thomas and Mrs Danks

Class G (Year 3)

Class L (Year 4)

Mrs Taylor-Ward

Class L (Year 4)

Class E (Year 5)

Miss Dwyer

Class E (Year 5)

Class S (Year 6)

Miss Harris


*New to the Dingle Community Primary team


Miss Potter and Mrs Miller are both wonderful teachers and will be in school over the next few weeks to meet the children and become familiar with Dingle Community Primary.


You may have noticed that Mrs Wallis (Assistant Head) will not have a class next academic year. This is because our wonderful Deputy Head, Mrs Stephen, has made the decision the pursue a new challenge and has accepted a job working with the Local Authority with an agency that supports provision for SEND pupils across the borough, leaving us at the end of this term. Many of our families, with children with specific needs, will have had the pleasure of working with Mrs Stephen directly and will know how passionate she is about developing practice for children with such challenges. Her new job is a very exciting opportunity to focus on this passion and we know she will have a positive impact on children across Dudley. After 26 years of dedicating her professional life to our school community, Mrs Stephen will be greatly missed; her drive, ambition and love for our children have had a massive impact on literally hundreds and hundreds of pupils, past and present!


To ensure that the children at Dingle Community Primary continue to receive the best education:

  • Mrs Wallis is coming out of class to increase her capacity in supporting the day to day leadership of the school, whilst we recruit a replacement Deputy Head.
  • Mrs Stephen, both through her new role and through some occasional work, will continue to contact families of children with individual specific needs and communicate with outside agencies for the Autumn Term, again whilst we recruit a new Deputy Head.


I am sure that you will all welcome Mrs Miller and Miss Potter to our team and will wish Mrs Stephen all the very best in her new adventure.


Gemma Anderson




Parent workshop invitation 04.07.22 at 2 p.m.


Is your child feeling anxious about the upcoming move to another class or school?  Would you like some additional ideas of the best ways to support your child? Lisa Bushell, our educational mental health practitioner, is hosting a session to inform you of ways to help your child manage their anxieties through this transition. Refreshments will be provided. 


Please use the link below to respond if you are interested.


Mrs S Stephen

(Deputy Headteacher)

Classes D, I, N, G, L, E and S Sports Day


The weather report looks promising for Sports Day tomorrow (Wednesday 29th July) so we are quite confident it will go ahead. Should there be a significant change, we will notify you via text. Times are:


Classes D, I and N at 9.30am.

Classes G, L, E and S at 1.30pm.


Please send your child into school wearing their PE kit, including their Planet team coloured t-shirt. Weather dependent, with the joys of the British Summer, please ensure your child has sunscreen on and brings a hat, a water bottle and a jumper/sweatshirt/hoodie.


If you wish to attend please come to the Key Stage 1 gate at the appropriate time and we will open the gates and take you around to the field.


Please note, for Safeguarding reasons parents and children will have allocated areas for the event. Please stay in these and please do not attempt to walk over to your child. There will be chairs out for parents to sit on, though you may wish to bring a camping chair just in case we have a huge turn out!


As always, please feel free to take photos of your children during their events, but please avoid photographing other children. Photographs of other children must not be shared in any way without their parent's permission. 


We anticipate that the afternoon Sports Day will finish at approximately 2.50, at which point children will return to class to collect their belongings and will be dismissed at their normal time, through their normal exits. There will be no changes to this unless the event finishes much sooner than expected.


Many thanks.


Gemma Anderson


Nut-free school


Please remember that we are a nut-free school. This is because we have a number of children who have severe nut allergies and having nut products in school is incredibly dangerous for them. This does not apply to just peanuts- no nuts, e.g. hazelnuts in Nutella, are allowed in school.


As such, please remember that the following products must not be sent into school:


  • Any nuts
  • Any food containing nuts
  • Any products, such as sunscreen, that contain nuts (Nivea for Kids, for example, contains almond oil)


Please read all product information carefully. 


Many thanks for your support in this very important matter.


Gemma Anderson


PE kits days

As you know, we are continuing with PE kits days, with children wearing their PE kit to school rather than changing for the lesson. Where there odd exceptions to this (such as Photograph Days and Non-Uniform Days), you will be sent a text in advance. 


In response to parents who have queried why these days change, this is because of the rotation of classes receiving specialist provision (such as Dudley Performing Arts Dance, swimming at Wordsley, Gymnastics with Dudley Gymnastics coaches) and where topics change from outdoor PE to indoor PE and the impact on timetabling the use of our hall. 


After Easter, PE days will be:

  • Class D (Reception): Thursday and Friday
  • Class I (Year 1): Tuesday and Friday
  • Class N (Year 2): Thursday and Friday
  • Class G (Year 3): Wednesday and Friday
  • Class L (Year 4): Wednesday and Thursday (Please note children will also need to bring swimming kit in on Thursdays 7th and 14th July.)
  • Class E (Year 5): Tuesday and Thursday
  • Class S (Year 6): Tuesday and Friday


PE uniform must be adhered to. This is:

  • Plain t shirt of the colour of your child’s planet team. (Embroidered ones are available at Totally Uniform but are not required.)
  • Black shorts (black leggings or jogging bottoms may be worn during cold weather)
  • PE pumps or trainers
  • A plain black hoodie or sweatshirt, if you wish for your child to wear long sleeves on PE days.


Many thanks,


Gemma Anderson


Jubilee Picnic Party: Thursday 26th May


At the moment the weather is looking promising for Thursday and we are optimistic that our Jubilee celebrations will be outside and that, therefore, parents will be able to come and join us! If anything changes, we will let you know via text!


Things you need to know and a few reminders about Thursday's celebrations:

  • Parents are invited to join us at 1.30pm- please come to the key stage 1 gate like you normally would at the start and end of the day.
  • The children will be making a little bit of food themselves and all children will be provided with a few snacks. You may want to bring some nibbles yourselves!
  • We will be selling ice lollies, with all finds raised going to the DPP. These will be 50p each. If you are not joining us but would like your child to buy an ice lolly, please send them in with their 50p on Thursday morning. 
  • If you are joining us, please bring a picnic blanket and/or chairs.
  • When parents arrive, we'll go round to the playground for a brief performance. The children will then go to their classrooms to collect their food. You will then be able to collect your children from their normal class doors to take them to the field for the picnic.
  • We have asked for the children to dress in red, white and blue that day. As part of our New Challenges Week the children have all tie dyed their own t shirts for the occasion! These are coming home and should not need to be washed, but you may wish to do so to make sure all excess dye has gone and/or if your child is sensitive to particular laundry products. 


Fingers crossed the weather prediction continues to say Thursday afternoon will be dry! We are having the loveliest week here for New Challenges Week and our Jubilee Picnic Party would be an awesome way to finish it off!


Gemma Anderson


Dates for the diary


Please remember to send children into school wearing comfortable clothing they can do physical activity in all week next week, for New Challenges. It is going to be a really exciting week!


For the visits to the Red House Glass Cone please remember that your child will need to either bring a packed lunch with them or order a grab bag via School Money. (Please remember that lunch orders for next week close at 4pm today.) 


We are optimistic that our Jubilee Celebration Picnic will be able to go ahead, providing the weather predictions don't change! If you are planning on coming, please come to the school gate (Key Stage 1) at 1.30pm, armed with a picnic blanket and/or chairs and children will be brought to you on the field. You may want to bring a few picnic snacks with you too! We will text throughout next week with updates on whether or not this is likely to go ahead.


Here are a few diary date reminders and dates for events planned for next half term:


Week beginning 23rd May: New Challenges Week

  • Mon 23rd May: Classes I and N visiting the Red House Glass Cone
  • Tue 24th May: Classes G and L visiting the Red House Glass Cone
  • Wed 25th May: Classes E and S visiting the Red House Glass Cone
  • Thu 26th May, 1.30pm: Jubilee Picnic Party
  • Fri 27th May: school closed to pupils (INSET day)
  • Mon 30th May- Fri 3rd June: school closed (Whitsun Half Term break)
  • Mon 6th June: children return to school as normal
  • Mon 20th June, am: photographer in for class photos
  • Wed 29th June: Sports Day (Classes D, I and N at 9.30am, Classes G, L, E and S at 1.30pm)
  • Wed 13th July: classes D to S reports out to parents
  • Tue 19th July: Meet Your New Teacher morning
  • Tue 19th July, 2.15pm: Rock Steady performance
  • Wed 20th July, am: Year 6 performance and Leavers' Assembly- time TBC
  • Wed 20th July: Parents' Evening
  • Thu 21st July: Last day of term


Many thanks. Any questions please speak to me on the playground at the start of the day or contact using school's phone number (01384818305) or email address (


Gemma Anderson


Year 1 dance performance


As class I's dance unit comes to an end, parents of this class are invited in to see a short performance at 9.45 on Friday 20th May. This is limited to 2 adults per child. If you wish to attend, please come to the main school entrance. 

New Challenges Week (beginning Monday 23rd May)


From Monday 23rd May to Thursday 26th May all of our children will be participating in New Challenges Week, dedicated to children learning completely new skills, focussing on the emotions this evokes and on building resilience and independence.


During the week they will take part in all sorts from learning the alphabet in British Sign Language, to running a mile, to cooking something, to accessing an inflatable assault course (Ducks to class N) or a climbing wall (classes G to S).


Classes I to S will also be going to the Red House Glass Cone, to learn the art of glass fusing. The children will walk and this visit falls under those allowed with your child's 'Annual Consent Form'. On the day of their visit they will either need to bring a packed lunch or order a grab bag via the School Money online ordering service. These visits will be:

Classes I and N on Monday 23rd May

Classes G and L on Tuesday 24th May

Classes E and S on Wednesday 25th May


Throughout the week the children will need to come to school in clothes that are appropriate for physical activity- this does not need to be PE kit! Just make sure they are comfortable with movement and are wearing appropriate footwear. (Please note class L will be going swimming as planned.)


Thursday 26th May will be a red, white and blue themed non-uniform day. But please do not go to any trouble for this. The children will be learning the art of tie dyeing during the week and making their own t shirt for the occasion which will come home on the Wednesday afternoon.


At 1.30pm on Thursday 26th May we will be holding a Jubilee Party- the children will wear the t shirts they have made, sing the songs they have learnt, munch on the food they have prepared and adorn the school with the decorations they have made. Weather permitting, this will be outside and parents will be invited to attend the picnic party with their child. We have everything crossed and will keep you updated about whether this can go ahead!


We would very much appreciate volunteers to help with our Jubilee Party and if anyone can do a load of washing on the Monday or Tuesday night, to help set the tie dyed t shirts, I would also be very grateful. If you can  help with either job, please call or email the school office.  


Please remember that school is closed to pupils on Friday 27th May for an INSET day.


If anyone has any questions about New Challenges Week, please don't hesitate to come and speak to me on the playground at the start of the school day or contact the school office. It should be a superb week!


Gemma Anderson


Communication between parents and school


Thank you so much to all of the parents who were able to attend our pop-in sessions last week- there was a lovely atmosphere in school, the children were brimming with pride, showing off their work, and it was an absolute joy to have adults back in the building, celebrating the achievements of the wonderful children of Dingle Community Primary.


Like I said before Easter, now that we are coming out of the pandemic and COVID restrictions have eased, it is important that we return to in person communication, as much as possible, so that we can work effectively together for the best of the children. Please feel free to talk to staff for brief conversations at the start or end of the school day- staff will be doing the same- and contact school to arrange meetings where lengthier conversations are needed.


Obviously communication changed significantly during the lockdowns, to support remote learning. There are elements of this that will remain in place, and some procedures that will return to pre-COVID! To help ensure that everyone is clear on how communication will occur, a Communications Policy has been written and has been discussed and agreed by our Governing Body; this is posted below. It outlines the different communication strategies that can be used and response times for these. Class emails are no longer in use and all email correspondence must come through the inbox from now on.


Any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. As you know, we have returned to a member of Senior Leadership (either myself, Mrs Stephen or Mrs Wallis) being on the playground at the start of each school day, so please feel free to come and see us, or feel free to call or email the email address above.


Gemma Anderson



Communications Policy

Home/school communication


As life continues to slowly but surely return to normal, we as a school are constantly reviewing our practices. Open home/school communication is key to working together for the best for the children and we need to return to pre-pandemic practices with parents in school, celebrating our children's achievements and working together to support them through their challenges. 


As such:

  • Face to face conversations between teachers and parents are now encouraged.
    • If either parents or staff need to briefly pass on information at the end or start of the school day, both people are now welcome to approach the other.
    • If a longer discussion is needed or it is not a convenient time, both parents and staff can, of course, say this and an appointment will be made via telephone call or email with the school office. 
  • The class email accounts will no longer be used- these will be closed at the end of term.
  • From Monday 4th April we will return to a member of the Senior Leadership Team (Mrs Anderson, Mrs Stephen or Mrs Wallis) being available to talk to on the playground at the start of each day.
  • Seesaw will, moving forward, only be used to share homework and any work that teachers or parents wish to celebrate, or to support the occasions where remote learning has to take place.


We are also very aware that it has been a long time since we had to start restricting parents coming into school. Again, this is going to slowly start to change but we must be cautious with this. We have already started to bring parents in for performances, with restrictions to keep everyone safe. Our next step is to enable you to come and see your child's work- it has been such a long time since this has been able to happen!


So, we have arrange sessions for years 1-6 parents to be able to come into school to look at books with your children and for class D to have a drop in session.


If parents from years 1-6 would like to come in and books with children, please come to the main entrance for your time below and you will be taken through to the hall, so that people have space to socially distance if they wish:

  • Years 1 and 2: Wednesday 27th April, 9.00-9.45
  • Years 3 and 4: Wednesday 27th April, 2.15-3.00
  • Years 5 and 6: Thursday 28th April, 9.00-9.45


Reception parents, if you wish to come to the pop in session, please go to the normal start of day entrance at  2.15 on Thursday 28th April.


We shall not be returning to sending paper newsletters home- parental feedback has been positive about being able to return to this section of the website to check correspondence whereas paper letters often go missing! However, now that things are more settled, we will be returning to sharing dates of any events half term at a time. These will be posted to the website and a link sent by text message. Keep your eyes peeled for notification of the Summer 1 dates!


Thank you for your continued support- it is only by working together that we can do the very best for our wonderful children. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.


Gemma Anderson


Events in the coming week and Easter celebrations


Tickets will be on sale, from Monday 4th April to Thursday 7th April, for our annual DPP Easter Egg raffle. The number of Easter egg prizes is huge and there are some vegan-friendly, lactose free prizes for children with dietary requirements. If you wish for your child to purchase any tickets, please send money into class with them. Tickets will be 20p each and the raffle draw will take place on Friday 8th April.


All children, from Dingle Ducks up to year 6, are invited to participate in our egg decorating competition! If you would like you child to participate, please send their decorated eggs into school with them on Wednesday 6th April- they will be on display in the hall so that all of the children across school will be able to see the entries and the winners will be announced on Friday 8th April, in an assembly via Teams so that the whole school can celebrate with them. Please make sure that any entries to the competition are labelled with your child's name and class.


On Tuesday 5th April our Rock Steady children will be performing! Parents of the Rock Steady children are invited to come into school at 2.30pm- this will be limited to 2 adults per child and we encourage parents to take Lateral Flow Tests prior to this and refrain from attending if they have a positive result. All years 5 and 6 pupils will see the 2.30pm performance and years 3 and 4 will see their rehearsal earlier in the afternoon.


Gemma  Anderson


Dog fouling near school

As you may be aware, we have had an issue with irresponsible dog owners not cleaning up after their dogs in our local area, despite signs displayed and the dog waste bin outside our school. Please be aware that:


  • Following this issue being raised, we have been visited today by a Local Authority representative who has stated that further signs are being erected. 
  • The fine for not cleaning up dog mess is currently £75- fines have been issued and the council will continue to issue these.


Obviously we ask all dog owners to be responsible and for all members of our school community to encourage others to do the same.


Gemma Anderson


Forwarded by request of the Local Authority Team:


To ALL PARENTS & CARERS: sparkle and shine with these amazing FREE (funded) anonymous, evidence based, online courses for all! 

1. Understanding your pregnancy, labour, birth and your baby (antenatal)
2. Understanding your baby (postnatal)
3a. Understanding your child (0-19+ yrs, main course)
3b. Understanding your child with additional needs (0-19+ yrs, main course)
4. Understanding your teenager’s brain (short course)
5. Understanding your brain (for teenagers only!)
6. Understanding your child’s feelings (a taster course)
7. Understanding your child’s mental health and wellbeing (accompanies 3a and/or 3b)
8. Understanding your relationships (coming soon!)


Additional information can be found in the leaflet posted below.

Free courses for parents and carers!


The current situation in Ukraine is obviously very much in the minds of adults at the moment, but some of your young people may also be aware of the conflict and may want to talk about it.


In school all staff have been given the advice from Save the Children on how best to discuss this with young people and we are following this in order to help overcome anxieties around this situation. A link to this has been shared below as you may find the support useful if you and your children are discussing this at home.


Should you, as a family, wish to make donations of items needed or money, please use the link below to the Express and Star who have details of ways to do both.


Gemma Anderson


Red Nose Day- Friday 18th March 2022


This year's suggested Primary School theme is 'Superheroes'.


With this in mind, this year, in support of Red Nose Day, we will be holding a non-uniform day on Friday 18th March, asking all participating children to bring in a donation of a silver coin. We are asking children to dress as one of their heroes. This could be:

  • A superhero character
  • A superhero of their own creation
  • A personal hero (such as their favourite footballer, a relative they admire, an artist they are inspired by... the list could be endless!)
  • As a profession they see as heroes. (They could be a vet, a fire fighter, a carer... again the list could be endless)


If your child's class has PE that day, we don't want them to miss out on paying tribute to their hero, so send them in with their kit in a bag to change into on the day.


All children will participate in other fun activities during the day and all monetary donations will go to Comic Relief.


Thanks, in advance, for your support of our charity day.


Gemma Anderson



Year 6 Parents' Meeting

At 2.30pm on Tuesday 8th March, we are holding a meeting with parents of class S to discuss SATs and the Pioneer visit.


This meeting will be held in the Community Room and attendance is limited to 1 parent per child. 


Please come to the main entrance to be let into the meeting.


Many thanks.


Gemma Anderson


Where has this half term gone???

Spring 1 has been both a wonderful and incredibly challenging half term. Christmas seems like a very distant memory! The children and staff have worked hard throughout January and February and I am sure that everyone is looking forward to some well-deserved chill time next week! As we are so close to half term, I thought it would be worth contacting you all about a few things.


Please remember that school is closed this Friday (18th Feb) for INSET. The children will return to school as normal on Monday 28th February.


It is World Book Day on Thursday 3rd March. This year there will be lots of arts and crafts going on during the day, some of which include using fabric paint. Because of this we are asking children to come to school in non-uniform, wearing clothes that you don't mind getting paint and the such on!! We would also like to invite children to bring their favourite book in with them.


Please be aware that class email addresses and Seesaw accounts will not be being checked by teachers during the half term break. If you have anything that needs to be shared with school, including any positive COVID-19 results, please email as this email account will be checked periodically.


Gemma Anderson


Year 2 African Drumming Day: FAO year 2 parents

As you are aware, the children in class N are participating in an exciting day on music on Thursday. As was stated on the letter that came home, this day will end with a performance for parents; you were told COVID measures would be shared in due course.


As such, in line with and local authority guidance:

  • The performance will begin shortly after 2.30. Please come to the main door at 2.30 for entrance.
  • Numbers are restricted to 1 parent per child.
  • Parents who are attending are encouraged to take a Lateral Flow Test that day and not come to school if it is positive.
  • Parents are asked to wear masks when in the school building, unless you are medically exempt and have informed school in advance.
  • Parents are asked to maintain social distancing at all times. 


Many thanks.


Gemma Anderson


Parents' Evenings Spring 2022, Reception to year 6

Parents' Evening consultations will, because of the continued challenges of the pandemic, be via telephone. These will be during the week beginning Monday 14th February. The electronic forms for requesting appointments have now been closed.


You will receive mid-point reports on Friday 11th February- these will be sent home with the children.


Gemma Anderson


Forwarded on behalf of the Local Authority; information on a Dudley OFSTED visit, specifically on SEND

For the attention of parents of Class L

For the attention of parents of Class E

Updated information for previously contacted classes re isolation periods 19.1.22

For the attention of parents of Dingle Ducks

For the attention of parents of Class S

For the attention of parents of Key Stage 1 (classes I and N)

For the attention of parents of Class D

For the attention of parents of class D

For the attention of parents of class G

Carols on the playground: years 3, 4, 5 and 6


If you are attending today's Carols on the Playground, please read the following COVID-19 measures:

  • I would ask adults attending to carry out Lateral Flow Tests before attending and not come to school if there is a positive result.
  • As you will be in proximity of others for longer than normal, I encourage parents to wear masks whilst on the playground this afternoon.
  • Social distancing from people in other households must be adhered to whilst on the playground.
  • Chairs will placed as barriers on the playground to set up a zone for year 5/6 parents (closest to the field) and year 3/4 parents (closest to the school building)- You must remain in these zones.
  • The children will be taken back to classes to collect their belongings and to be dismissed at the end of the day.
  • Once the children return to classes year 3/4  parents will be asked to move to outside the relevant classes and then the year 5/6 parents.
  • Please feel free to take photos and videos of your own child during the performance. Please be mindful of not blocking the view of people behind you. If any other children are visible in photos of videos, these must not be shared with other people without permission of the children's parents.


Many thanks! I hope that you enjoy the children's singing!


Gemma Anderson




For the attention of parents of pupils in class S

For the attention of parents of pupils in Class E

Nativity Tickets


If you have requested a ticket for the Class D, I and N Nativity, this will come home with your child today. Please remember tickets were allocated as 1 per child ( so 1 ticket for the Wednesday OR 1 ticket for the Thursday).


There are an incredibly small number of spare tickets for the 9am Thursday 9th December performance. These will be issued on a first come first served basis at the office, again only 1 per child. Once this small number of tickets have gone, they're gone!


Gemma Anderson


Christmas Events- update for parents

Thank you for everyone who has supported 'Film Night'. The tickets for this have now all been sold and the link on School Money has been removed. If you have purchased a ticket for this, your child's name is on a list that will be checked off when they get here at 5.30pm on Friday 3rd December- remember to bring your child to the main entrance.


The link to the form for requesting Nativity tickets for classes D, I and N was posted with the last newsletter. Please be aware that this will be removed at 12pm on Thursday 2nd December so any ticket requests must be made before then. Please remember that tickets are very limited because of guidance on COVID-19 and are being allocated as 1 per child, so you must select which performance the adult is attending.


You are now able to purchase tickets to the Christmas Discos via School Money! If your child is in Ducks, Class D, Class I or Class N and is coming to their disco, please feel free to send party clothes in with your child on the day and we will make sure they are changed before the disco starts.



Gemma Anderson


Christmas cards and gifts

As you are aware, we are eager to provide the children with as normal a Christmas experience as possible, but obviously have to consider the pandemic and take measures to keep everyone safe. 


With this in mind children will be able to bring Christmas cards into school but these will need to be quarantined before they are given out. If your child would like to bring cards into school they are able to do so on:

  • Monday 6th December 
  • Tuesday 7th December
  • Monday 13th December
  • Tuesday 14th December


Cards will be kept safe and then distributed at the end of each of the 2 weeks.


Similarly, should you and your child wish to send any gifts into school for any staff, these also have to be quarantined. As such any gifts should be sent into school with your child by Tuesday 14th December at the latest. Please also bear in mind that gifts, whilst always very much appreciated, are never expected.


Many thanks for your continued support in our COVID-19 measures.


Gemma Anderson


Toddler Group: Can you help?

In the run-up to Christmas, if you happen to be having a sort out and have any of the following to get rid of, please donate them to our Dingle Ducklings Toddler Groups. We would massively appreciate any spare:


  • Foam play mats
  • Duplo
  • Board books for toddlers
  • Children’s musical instruments
  • Toy cars
  • Dolls and dolls clothes
  • Happyland toys


If you do have any of these items that could do with a second home, please bring them to the main school office.


Many thanks!

What a bargain!


We have received a very kind donation of 50 Frozen advent calendars that contain jewellery and charms for each day, so have decided to sell these, first come first served, for £4.00 each. Similar items are currently available online for between £15 and £20, so this is a real bargain!


All money raised will be added to the DPP funds raised in our run up to Christmas and will be used to benefit the children at Dingle Community Primary School.


If you would like to purchase any of these advent calendars, come to the main office with your money. Once they're gone, they're gone!


Mrs Anderson, on behalf of the Dingle Parent Partnership


PS Please excuse my questionable photography and my reflection in the shiny packaging!


The Dingle Parent Partnership needs you!

Following our DPP meeting on 11th November, we are asking parents if they are able to help out, in any way, with our events in the run up to Christmas. Any help is really appreciated. Even if you are can help out with one or two things, it is always appreciated- you do not need to feel that you need to commit to everything!


If you can volunteer to help out with any of the jobs below, please call the school office or email school at 


  • Supervising Film Night on 3rd December
  • Helping wrap our selection boxes before 10th December
  • Helping with selling mince pies and drinks at 2pm on 8th December, 9am on 9th December or 2.30pm on 14th December
  • Helping with Wrapping Room on 13th or 15th December
  • Supervising the Christmas Discos on 15th or 16th December
  • Tidying up after the class parties on 17th December


If you are able to help us with any of these things, please get in touch.


Much appreciated,


Sent on behalf of the DPP

TV, Film and Gaming classifications and guidance

As you have no doubt seen in the media over the past weeks, lots of schools across the country have contacted parents, urging them to be vigilant because of youngsters watching the Netflix series 'Squid Games'. I am aware that a very small number of our pupils have seen parts of this series, which is violent in content.


This series is classified as a '15', which indicates that primary aged pupils, the oldest of which are 11, should not be watching and that the content is inappropriate. I would like to ask parents to be mindful of the age guidance for films, television and video games that children have access to. The websites below are really useful and provide information on how to keep your children safe and reasons that this is so very important.

Parents' Evening appointments November 2021

As you know, we are constantly reviewing our COVID-19 risk reduction measures, in line with government guidance and Local Authority direction- whilst things are returning to normal, we are still facing a pandemic and the restrictions that come with this.


Following direction from the LA, requesting that current control measures remain in place, I have made the decision that Parents' Evening appointments this term will be via telephone. We can't wait to get you into school to see your children's work and we will arrange this as soon as we are able.


The link for the electronic booking forms was removed on Thursday 4th November; parents were notified in advance that this would be the case. 


These appointments will be approximately 5 minutes long and will focus primarily on how your child has settled into their new class, the progress they have made so far and their next steps. 


Please remember that class email addresses and Seesaw accounts are still live for you to use to communicate with your child's teacher. 


Many thanks,


Gemma Anderson


Reading- in school and at home

A message from Miss Harris, English Lead



Reading is a vital skill and it is our aim at Dingle Community Primary School that all children reach a good standard of literacy, as well as developing a love of reading.


There are many ways in which children are heard read by adults at school every day to support and assess their progress.

  • In daily guided reading and/or phonics sessions, children have the opportunity to read aloud as well as discuss their understanding of a text.
  • Across the curriculum, further opportunities are taken to hear children read within their science, history, geography or RE lessons for example. This ensures children are being exposed to a wide range of age appropriate fiction, poetry and non-fiction texts.


Your child’s reading level is periodically assessed, using Salford Reading tests, Running Reading Records and observations by school staff, to ensure they are accessing texts at the correct level.


In addition to this, children are supplied with a home reading book and diary where their reading can be recorded.

  • Children are rewarded for their reading at home and books and diaries are checked (and books are changed if necessary) on a regular basis. 
  • Your child may see that some children read parts of their home readers to an adult in school- this is because of individualised provision for specific children and because this may done periodically to help ensure that children's home readers are appropriately challenging. 
  • It is recommended that you aim to read (and discuss texts) with your child a minimum of three times a week to support their progress.
  • It is important that even older children are heard read by an adult to help develop their fluency, vocabulary and comprehension skills with more challenging texts.
  • If you would like any support with choosing age appropriate texts for your child to read at home, school would be happy to provide you will a suggested reading list for their age group.

100 years of the Poppy Appeal


As this year marks 100 years of the British Legion Poppy Appeal, we will be working together to create a whole school display of poppy art.

To help us with this, please send your child into school with an empty plastic drinks bottle, like a Coca Cola or Pepsi bottle, by Thursday 14th October. It doesn't matter what size- a mixture of large and small will make our collective art look beautiful.


Many thanks,


Gemma Anderson


A message from Rock Steady


Would your child like to play in their very own rock band?


Dear Parent or Guardian,


Rocksteady in-school band lessons are the perfect opportunity for your child to learn new skills, develop friendships and have the time of their life.


Watch this short video to see what learning in a band could do for your child’s well-being:

Parents' Evening telephone consultations

The electronic form requesting appointments is no longer available. Should you want to request an appointment to discuss your child's report, please contact you child's teacher using the class email address. 

Have you considered instrumental or vocal lessons for your child? Please see the message below from DPA who communicate directly with parents.

Is your child interested in Rock Steady? Have a look at this!

Please read the letter below sent to Dudley schools re a recent E Safety concern.