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Correspondence with parents

TV, Film and Gaming classifications and guidance

As you have no doubt seen in the media over the past weeks, lots of schools across the country have contacted parents, urging them to be vigilant because of youngsters watching the Netflix series 'Squid Games'. I am aware that a very small number of our pupils have seen parts of this series, which is violent in content.


This series is classified as a '15', which indicates that primary aged pupils, the oldest of which are 11, should not be watching and that the content is inappropriate. I would like to ask parents to be mindful of the age guidance for films, television and video games that children have access to. The websites below are really useful and provide information on how to keep your children safe and reasons that this is so very important.

Parents' Evening appointments November 2021

As you know, we are constantly reviewing our COVID-19 risk reduction measures, in line with government guidance and Local Authority direction- whilst things are returning to normal, we are still facing a pandemic and the restrictions that come with this.


Following direction from the LA, requesting that current control measures remain in place, I have made the decision that Parents' Evening appointments this term will be via telephone. We can't wait to get you into school to see your children's work and we will arrange this as soon as we are able.


To request a telephone Parents' Evening appointment, please use the link below for your child's class and answer all questions on the electronic form. It is vitally important that you use the correct link as your child's class teacher will only have access to information about their own class. You will be able to make appointment until 9am Thursday 4th November, when these links will be removed and the electronic forms closed.


These appointments will be approximately 5 minutes long and will focus primarily on how your child has settled into their new class, the progress they have made so far and their next steps. 


Please remember that class email addresses and Seesaw accounts are still live for you to use to communicate with your child's teacher. 


Many thanks,


Gemma Anderson


Reading- in school and at home

A message from Miss Harris, English Lead



Reading is a vital skill and it is our aim at Dingle Community Primary School that all children reach a good standard of literacy, as well as developing a love of reading.


There are many ways in which children are heard read by adults at school every day to support and assess their progress.

  • In daily guided reading and/or phonics sessions, children have the opportunity to read aloud as well as discuss their understanding of a text.
  • Across the curriculum, further opportunities are taken to hear children read within their science, history, geography or RE lessons for example. This ensures children are being exposed to a wide range of age appropriate fiction, poetry and non-fiction texts.


Your child’s reading level is periodically assessed, using Salford Reading tests, Running Reading Records and observations by school staff, to ensure they are accessing texts at the correct level.


In addition to this, children are supplied with a home reading book and diary where their reading can be recorded.

  • Children are rewarded for their reading at home and books and diaries are checked (and books are changed if necessary) on a regular basis. 
  • Your child may see that some children read parts of their home readers to an adult in school- this is because of individualised provision for specific children and because this may done periodically to help ensure that children's home readers are appropriately challenging. 
  • It is recommended that you aim to read (and discuss texts) with your child a minimum of three times a week to support their progress.
  • It is important that even older children are heard read by an adult to help develop their fluency, vocabulary and comprehension skills with more challenging texts.
  • If you would like any support with choosing age appropriate texts for your child to read at home, school would be happy to provide you will a suggested reading list for their age group.

100 years of the Poppy Appeal


As this year marks 100 years of the British Legion Poppy Appeal, we will be working together to create a whole school display of poppy art.

To help us with this, please send your child into school with an empty plastic drinks bottle, like a Coca Cola or Pepsi bottle, by Thursday 14th October. It doesn't matter what size- a mixture of large and small will make our collective art look beautiful.


Many thanks,


Gemma Anderson


A message from Rock Steady


Would your child like to play in their very own rock band?


Dear Parent or Guardian,


Rocksteady in-school band lessons are the perfect opportunity for your child to learn new skills, develop friendships and have the time of their life.


Watch this short video to see what learning in a band could do for your child’s well-being:

PE kits days

As you know, we are going to continue with PE kits days, with children wearing their PE kit to school rather than changing for the lesson. There has been a lot less lost kit and PE lessons have been far longer.


PE days will begin on Tuesday 7th September so that everyone can take their special first day back in uniform photos!


For now PE days will be:

  • Class D (Reception): Wednesday
  • Class I (Year 1): Tuesday and Friday
  • Class N (Year 2): Thursday and Friday
  • Class G (Year 3): Monday and Wednesday
  • Class L (Year 4): Monday and Wednesday
  • Class E (Year 5): Thursday and Friday
  • Class S (Year 6): Friday (Please note children will need to bring swimming kits on Thursday.)


PE uniform must be adhered to. This is:

  • Plain t shirt of the colour of your child’s planet team. (Embroidered ones are available at Totally Uniform but are not required.)
  • Black shorts (black leggings or jogging bottoms may be worn during cold weather)
  • PE pumps or trainers
  • A plain black hoodie or sweatshirt, if you wish for your child to wear long sleeves on PE days.

Parents' Evening telephone consultations

The electronic form requesting appointments is no longer available. Should you want to request an appointment to discuss your child's report, please contact you child's teacher using the class email address. 

Have you considered instrumental or vocal lessons for your child? Please see the message below from DPA who communicate directly with parents.

Is your child interested in Rock Steady? Have a look at this!

Please read the letter below sent to Dudley schools re a recent E Safety concern.