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Upper Key Stage 2

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Year 5 and 6 MARBLE MAYHEM!!!!


Don't forget you need to bring in a selection of cardboard tubing and boxes for our DT project this week.


We are hoping some of you creative people could create something along these lines.


We will share photographs of the best designs on the class blog next week so you can show your friends and family your creative skills.


Hope you are enjoying the last day of your holidays....


See you tomorrow


Comparing fractions with same numerator Year 6 Maths 14th November

Take a look at this video before Tuesday's lesson to help you with your understanding.

Comparing fractions with different denominators

There are three parts to this video: 1. Comparing fractions with the same denominator but different numerators 2. Comparing fractions with the same numerator but different denominators 3. Comparing fractions with different denominators and different numerators

Read Theory  - WOW!!! 

Some of the Year 5 children's effort has been fantastic on this website. We can see all of the quizzes that have been taken and your answers to them. Congratulations to Daniel, Harrison and Matthew who have all taken over 10 quizzes each and improved their reading comprehension skills.



Times Table Rockstars 17.10.17

Times Table Rockstars 17.10.17 1 Look at the charts, are you a Rockstar?

Weeks beginning 9th and 16th October DADWAVERS

  Read Theory


Well done to Harrison, Daisy, Logan, Daniel, Zac, Matthew and Lily for taking some of the quizzes on Read Theory.  Excellent efforts!  Two planet points each from Mrs Danks.


First Aid Day 2017

First Aid Day 2017 1
First Aid Day 2017 2

Tuesday 10th October 2017


Children in Year 5 have been given a log on for the website Read Theory. 


All children have been issued with a username and password.  Children can log on at home and take part in some reading comprehension style questions.  Staff can see how children have coped with answering the questions and use this to help support children in class.  If anyone needs their log on again, please speak to Mrs Danks.


Times Table Rockstars 9th October 2017

Times Table Rockstars 9th October 2017 1 Fantastic to see so many rockstars from UKS2!!

The Highwayman - Autumn Term 1 Weeks 2 - 4

An animated telling of Alfred Noyes' Classic Narrative Poem. We have been studying this poem in our writing lessons and imagining we were the Highwayman or Bess. Our writing has been trying to capture the emotions the pair would feel.

Art with Mrs Morrison

Maths - Estimate the Product

Maths - Estimate the Product 1
Maths - Estimate the Product 2
Maths - Estimate the Product 3