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As the weather gets colder can parents make sure children have lots of layers, the more the better. We will be out in all weather i.e heavy rain, snow the only weather we may have to cancel is high winds.

-Two pairs of socks -Two pairs of trousers ideally a base layer then waterproofs -A T-shirt (or two if it’s super cold )with a jumper or sweatshirt on top then a waterproof coat with a hood (please do not bring in best coats as children will be outside and they may get muddy!) -Boots which are ideally waterproof walking boots (may need respraying with water proof spray time to time) as these are better at insulating the feet when it’s really cold but if not lots of socks and wellies will be fine. - Gloves and hats




Any donations of wellies, trousers, long sleeves tops or coats can be placed in the plastic boxes in the shelter.

Plus pans, wooden spoons, conkers, pinecones, den building sticks, stainless steel pots and pans, tyres, baking trays .


Thanks so much for all the donations so far.