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COVID-19: Impact on school

Dear parents and carers, 


As life slowly returns to normal, we, along with all schools in the country, are changing measures in place at Dingle Community Primary. Please use the 'Back to School' link below to read government information about what you can expect as. This website also outlines changes to when people need to isolate- primary school pupils will not need to isolate unless they have COVID-19 symptoms or a positive test themselves. 


Please remember that if your child has any of the 3 main symptoms of COVID-19 (loss or change in taste or small, high temperature or a new, persistent cough), that your child must isolate until you have results of a PCR test, results of which you will need to keep us informed of. A Lateral Flow Test is not sufficient where a child is displaying possible symptoms.


If your child displays any of the secondary symptoms (shown below) it is recommended that you arrange for your child to have a PCR test, though they are not required to isolate whilst they await their results.


Loss of AppetiteSore Throat**Vomiting and diarrhoea are also secondary symptoms of COVID-19. Your child must not return to school within 48 hours of their last incident if they display either of these symptoms.
Extreme TirednessSneezing
Joint Pain or Muscle AcheCongestion



We will, of course, do everything we can to keep everyone safe, so, should there be direction to put increased measures in place, this information will be shared with you. Following direction from the Local Authority, contained in a letter available using the link below, some measures have been reviewed. These reviewed measures are precautionary and in response to a local increase in cases, not an increase in school. The 2 significant changes are in bold. For the time being:


  • Adults in school will wear face masks in corridors, where social distancing is not always possible.
  • If a child has a positive PCR test, it is now advised that siblings now isolate until they have had a PCR test themselves- if the result is negative they are able to return to school but are asked to carry out daily Lateral Flow Tests.
  • Whilst social distancing requirements are no longer the same, people still have the right to keep their distance and this should be respected. As such, our one-way system for the start and end of the day, coming onto the playground via Key Stage 1 and leaving via Key Stage 2, will remain in place. (Our gated paths are not wide enough to allow for social distancing if there is two-way foot traffic.)
  • Staggered starts and end times are no longer required. However there will be ten minute window for drop off and collection so that you do not need to rush and crowd on the playground. Please drop any children from Reception to Year 6 off between 8.40 and 8.50 and collect them between 3.10 and 3.20.
  • Dingle Ducks times have now returned to 8.45-11.45 and 12.30-3.30. 
  • Any years 5 or 6 children walking to or from school alone will continue to enter and leave via the main entrance for the time being. They must arrive between 8.40 and 8.50 and will be dismissed at 3.15.
  • If your child develops symptoms of COVID-19 or receives a positive test result, it is absolutely essential that you let us know immediately by emailing in order for us to report this as required.


There are also some things that were initially put in place because of the pandemic that we will continue with.


  • Children from Reception upwards will continue to have allocated PE days where they should come into school wearing PE kit. There has been a lot less mislaid kit and the children get much longer PE sessions! Please see the latest newsletter for details. 
  • Eduspot will continue to be used for booking hot meals, Breakfast Club and After School Club sessions. We will continue to ask for parents to book by 4pm on Friday for the whole of the following week. 
  • Should there be any children having to isolate because of COVID-19, remote learning will continue to be set using Seesaw and we will ask children to join live lessons, where appropriate, via Teams.


If any families are experiencing difficulty because of the pandemic, please don't hesitate to contact us. We may be able to offer support or direct you to someone who can help. We really are here for you and want the best for everyone in our school community. 


Along with the 'Back to School' link below, you will also find links to information on what parents and carers need to know.


If anyone has any questions, as always, please don't hesitate to call school or contact us via


Gemma Anderson


Local Authority letter October 2021

Dingle Community Outbreak Management Plan