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COVID-19: Impact on school

Dear parents and carers, 


Thank you so so much to all of you who continue to support our efforts to ensure that everyone in our school community is as safe as possible. 


Obviously we still need to be aware of the current circumstances with the pandemic- whilst we are starting to win, we haven't won yet. As such the safety measures that were in place since September are still be in place. Whilst this information is all in the document posted below, and none of this is new information, I must reiterate the following points. It is incredibly important that:


  • Families adhere to their children's set start and end times and parents do not come onto the school grounds until the youngest child's time.
  • Children must be brought to and collected from school within their 10 minute allocated slot.
  • These 10 minute slots mean that you do not need to rush and means that there is an overlap between drop off and collection times of siblings across school to help minimise your time on school grounds
  • Social distancing must be maintained by all adults when on school grounds.
  • If you have more than one child, you must keep waiting on site to a minimum and you must ensure that you do not block walk ways- people must be able top get past at a 2m distance. Please wait on the football pitch section of the playground rather than block walk ways. 
  • Face masks must be worn by adults unless you have informed school of your exemption.
  • Parents and carers must not approach members of staff- messages must be communicated either by telephone or by email. (Your child's class email is still live, as is their Seesaw.)


If these measures are not adhered to, members of staff will speak to you about this as these measures are in place to help maintain the safety of all of the children, parents and staff. Everyone must cooperate and if there are issues that cannot be overcome, please call school to speak to someone- where people have done this we have been incredibly supportive and have made arrangements (e.g. where people have mobility issues, alternative plans have been put in place.)


Information on the logistics of a school day has been updated and is shown below. This includes expectations of attendance (which is mandatory for all school aged pupils from 8th March), uniform, equipment etc and also information on school meals and wraparound care. The updated information also includes details of PE days and what the children need to wear. 


Please read the information from Dudley Council's Public Health Team, on the expansion of testing and the recommendation for people to arrange COVID-19 tests if any the wider range of symptoms are displayed. A letter has also been sent to school, to be shared with all parents, from our Director of Public Health; please make sure that you read this carefully. 


If your child or anyone in your house develops symptoms of COVID-19 or receives a positive test result, it is absolutely essential that you let us know immediately by emailing in order for us to follow essential Track and Trace guidance. 


If any families are experiencing difficulty because of the pandemic, please don't hesitate to contact us. We may be able to offer support or direct you to someone who can. We really are here for you and want the best for everyone in our school community. 


Thank you very much to those of you who have supported us with the measures we have put in place- if we all continue to do our bit, hopefully we all be able to enjoy more 'normality' by the summer!


Gemma Anderson


Information on arrangements in school, for parents and pupils- please read carefully

Letter from our Director of Public Health- 26th March 2021

Dudley Council information on expansion of testing and wider symptoms- please read carefully

Dingle Community Primary COVID-19 risk assessment