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Times Tables!

We are always asking our children to learn their times tables and this is no exception in year 4. These are some of the songs we have learnt and will be learning this year: 

3 times tables

4 times tables

8 times tables

6 times tables

7 times tables

9 times tables


Also remember that you all have access to TTRockStars!


Have fun! Mrs T-W smiley


Welcome back everyone! 

I hope you are all as excited about the new year as we are. 



We are carrying on with our reading prizes this year. To work your way through to the prizes we are asking your child to read 3 times a week to an adult, if they do they will move up a number every week. Prizes are give at weeks 10, 20 and 39. 

Year 4 will be having their records checked every Thursday so please make sure they are in school. 


Mrs T-W 

Well we have reached the end of the year and I really do miss all of these smiling faces. Have a lovely summer Class G and I will see you in September as Class L! Mrs T-W

Year 3

Hi all!

I hope you are enjoying your last week of 'school'. We have been having fun at school looking at our memories as well as making some new ones (most of these involve singing and dancing). 

Can I remind you to please send me a photo of yourself ( as I am trying to complete a little to replace our class photo this year. 

I hope you enjoy your Wednesday - we are going to be artists today! 

Have fun!

Mrs T-W smiley

Year 3's Work WB 06.07.20 - We have had a fab week looking at volcanos and in school we are finishing with a song and dance to celebrate the end of another week. Thank you to everyone who has sent their work to me this week, it has been lovely to hear from you all. Have a lovely weekend. Mrs T-W

Year 3's Work WB 20.06.20 - What a week it has been! We've done lots of work with earthquakes this week as well as our normal learning - thank you for sharing all of your leanring with me. Mrs T-W

Check out this awesome fact file that was sent to me earlier this week - you may learn something new about the Amazon river! Mrs T-W

Year 3's Work WB 22.06.20 - Thank you to everyone who has sent me pictures of their work or that I have spoken to this week, was lovely to catch up and as usual the work you have produced has been awesome! Have a lovely weekend - Mrs T-W

Year 3's Work WB 15.06.20 - Another wonderful week, thank you for sharing all of your work with me, I know Mrs Carrier and Miss Glaser have enjoyed seeing it all too. Have a lovely weekend and I will speak to you all next week! Mrs T-W

Year 3 Maths Support for the week - column subtraction

Still image for this video

Year 3 maths support for this week - Introduction

Still image for this video

Year 3 Maths Support - Column Addition - Mrs T-W

Still image for this video

Reading Books


Good morning all and happy Friday! I know when I spoke to some parents yesterday I mentioned about being able to pick up some new reading books for your child(ren) in exchange for their current ones. We are doing this based on time slots so that we can allow for social distancing. Please see the table below to check your day and time to exchange. 


Surname beginning with... Date Time Slot
A, B and C Monday 15th June 10:00 - 11:00
D, E, F and G Monday 15th June 11:30 - 12:30
H, I, J, K, L, and M Monday 15th June 1:30 - 2:30
N, O, P, Q and R Tuesday 16th June 10:00 - 11:00
S, T, U, V, W, X, Y and Z Tuesday 16th June 11:30 - 12:30


The books will be in the main office for you to collect, please use the marked lines on the car park to ensure social distancing, there is hand gel to use on your entry and departure and a box for you to put their current books into. All staff have selected books and placed them in a named plastic wallet for you to collect. 


Please also remember that oxford owl is a free online library that we would recommend for our children as it covers texts for all ages and genres.


I hope you all have a lovely weekend I will see/speak/write to you all next week. 

Mrs T-W smiley

Year 3's Work WB 08.06.20 - Thank you to everyone who has shared their learning with me this week, it has been lovely to read some of your diary poems and see some of your river creations, I hope you all have a lovely weekend and I look forward to seeing what we all get up to next week! Mrs T-W

Year 3's work WB 01.06.20 - I am always amazed at the work that you all do and have been blown away with your creativity this week when being asked to create a mountain - I'm very impressed year 3 - keep it up! Mrs T-W


I know a lot of you have been doing lots of reading and have finished your school books, I have shared this before but it might help you with some ideas for your next book.

There is also the oxford owl website that has access to some of these books and lots more:

You never know you might find something new you enjoy reading. 

Mrs T-W smiley

Good Morning Year 3!

I know some of you will have been accessing some of the things we have in school but this week I will be asking you to use purple mash so I thought I would show you how to do it. 


You need to go to RMUnify:


Then you need to turn your username (the same one you login to the computers at school) into an email address:


Your password is the same as normal. 


If you can't remember your username or password please feel free to email me at and I will send you the details. 


Have some fun exploring some of the tiles and have a go at some of the things you have been set

Mrs T-W smiley

Jack Fox is here to entertain again! This time he has written a set of instructions to play a card game he has been learning to play - well done Jack! Enjoy everyone! Mrs T-W

WB 18.05.20 Year 3's photos - thank you to everyone who has shared their adventures with me this week, some of you have enjoyed your maths, some your baking and others your making! Well done Year 3!

Past daily activities to be completed during school closure - Class L

Past daily activities to be completed during school closure - Class G

Year 3's work WB 11.05.20 - WOW! What a week we have had for photos, it has been lovely to see you all enjoying your work and some of the fantastic things you have been getting up to, keep it up year 3, I am a very proud teacher! Mrs T-W

Superheroes, Villains and the Actors - this is Jack Fox's latest creation, a crossword! Why not give it a go and see what you know - Thank You Jack!

Year 3's Interesting Facts!

This week I asked year 3 to share an interesting fact so that I could share it with everyone: let's see what we have found out!


Did you know… it is illegal to stand within 90 meters of the Queen without socks on! - Mrs T-W


Did you know... the Eiffel Tower is shorter in winter than in summer. The Eiffel Tower is made of iron, which expands in heat and contracts in the cold. In warm weather, the tower grows by as much as 6 inches, and also leans slightly away from the sun. - Amelia


Did you know... tigers have striped skin, not just striped fur! - Jack Fox

Bonus joke: What do you get if you cross a dinosaur with a pig? Jurassic Pork





After speaking to some of you more recently I know that a lot of you have been keeping up with your reading but have read all of your school books. Remember that we always love you to read and reading for pleasure is very important. If you are struggling to find books that inspire you the image below might help you discover a new author or series of books. 

Mrs T-W smiley

Remember that you are always learning!

What can you do with a milk carton? I found this the other day and thought it was amazing! What could you make? I have seen come people make elephants and penguins over the last few weeks but would love to see more! Remember you can email your teachers with your creations. Have fun! Mrs T-W smiley

Fancy a challenge? Jack Fox showed me his knowledge of VE Day by creating a word search - how many of Jack's words can you find? Well Done Jack! I love this original way of showing me what you have been learning about.

Year 3's work WB 04.05.20 - Thank you to everyone who has emailed and sent pictures in this week. It has been lovely to see your research about VE Day, see your medals and decorations as well as how you have done in maths this week. Keep it up year 3 - I am one very proud teacher!

Year 3's Work WB. 27.04.20 - Thank you to everyone who has emailed, written and sent me pictures this week, it is truly amazing what you have all been doing and it has made my day whenever I see your smiling faces and amazing work that you have been getting up to. I hope you will enjoy next week as much as this one. Keep safe, keep smiling and keep having fun! Mrs T-W

Would you like to be a designer? John Lewis and Waitrose have a new competition open... why not give it a go? Good Luck!

Mrs T-W


Work From Year 3 WB 20.04.20

Still image for this video
Noah has enjoyed his reading this week, I love the way he has chosen to read his book.

Work From Year 3 WB 20.04.20

Good Morning!

I saw this post today and thought it might interest some of you. I know that a lot of people have been doing displays in their window and some people have been trying to theme them around events that we have coming up... why not give it a go.

Remember parents it's not just for the kids, you can take part too. 

Mrs T-W

I came across this idea earlier this week and thought it was a nice way to recap some of things you have learnt in maths. Can you come up with your own ideas on how to use a cake tin? Have fun! Mrs T-W

Hello! I hope you are all having a lovely Easter break. I had a thought this morning - how many of you are missing science? It was one of my favourite lessons at school and I know for a lot of you it is your favourite subject too. So, I found some science activities that you can do at home if you wish. Enjoy! Mrs T-W

Year 3 Sping 2 Spelling Booklet - A couple of peolple have requested the spellings that are being missed: this is a booklet that you can work through for the spellings being taught this half term.

I found this and thought I would share it just in case you find yourselves at a loose end...

100 Things to do Indoors

British Sign Language

Fancy taking this time to try and learn something new? What about sign language? Give the alphabet a go!

Mrs T-W


Make your own Sketchbook - Using the different skills you have learnt throughout year 3 and 4 you can being to put your own sketchbook together! Below is a document that will help you get started. Mrs T-W


PE with Joe

Make sure that you stay active! Joe is doing 30 minute PE session Monday - Friday: Give it a go! Mrs T-W

Year 3: Multiplication and Division

Year 3: Writing Instructions

The class made some fabulous rice krispies cakes before writing a recipe for them. Needless to say, they enjoyed the process very much! 

Complimentary "Mining Madness" show from outreach staff from Black Country Museum

Year 3 Maths: Games using position and direction

Year 3: Our own plasticine characters from 'Early Man'

Year 3 and 4 TASC: Building Stonehenge out of biscuits!

Year 3 and 4: DT Focus Week 


For their DT focus, LKS2 have been developing their sewing skills to design and make a Stone Age animal out of felt. They have not only practised different stitches but also participated in a range of sewing related activities, including ones that develop fine motor skills (essential for sewing!). All the children have blown us away with their hard work and super achievements. Well done!


Year 4 Art

As a part of our Ancient Egypt topic we have been able to make our own sarcophagus. What do you think?

Year 4 Christingles

Today we looked at the celebration of Christingle and got to create our own!

LKS2 Christmas Craft Morning


Thank you everyone who came and supported our Christmas craft morning, some of the children's creations were amazing and we couldn't have done it without your support. We hope you have a lovely time over the festive period and enjoy everything we have planned.

Year 4 Creativity Week

This week we have had the pleasure of having four student teachers from Newman University to help us learn about the Ancient Egyptians. Throughout the week we have learnt all about farming from the time. We have been very productive and created salt dough tools, been on a treasure hunt, junk modelled farms, built virtual farms on Minecraft and created a dance about making bread.  We have enjoyed the week and have learnt a lot!

Below are just a handful of photos depicting our week.

Winter Displays

As a school we are updating the corridor displays to a winter theme.  We have used the different poems that we have created over this half term and are showing them in our displays.  We have one depicting a winter scene which we based our Haiku poems on, then we used the 'Home for Christmas' advert from 2016 to create Cinquain poems and finally we created Winter and Jack Frost acrostic poems positioned in a frosted window.


Year 3 TASC: Making Egyptian Papyrus Boats

Remembrance in Year 4

Year 3 Maths Investigation: How much maths is there on a Pokemon card?

Year 3 DT: Making an Egyptian shaduf

Year 4 Art



Year 4 Art

This half term Year 4 are working with Mrs Morrison to complete our art projects. 

We have begun by printing hyroglifics and will complete these creations next week, so watch this space!

Year 4 Math

'On The Run' game!

We had to use column addition and subtraction to avoid being caught in a maths version of cops and robbers.

Year 3 - Maths - Making 3D shapes out of different materials

Year 3 - TASC - Egyptian death masks and collar necklaces

Year 3 - Role play for our dinosaur stories

Year 4 RE Focus Day


We have been learning about Islam focusing on fasting.  We looked at the 5 pillars of Islam as well as the festivals or Ramadan and Eid.  Below you can see pictures of our mobiles that we made to celebrate the festivals.

Year 4

Estimating and calculating units of measure.

Year 3-4 Transition Activity