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Foundation Stage

Dingle Partnership Foundation Stage Unit (D.P.F.S.U.)

Dingle Ducks

Class D

Welcome to Class D! 2020-2021


Class D PE day is on a Tuesday. Please send your child with a named PE kit in a PE bag on this day. 

Class D Learning at School

Class D- Week Commencing Monday 13th July

Room on the Broom By Julia Donaldson & Illustrated By Axel Scheffler

Children's book read aloud.' ALIENS LOVE UNDERPANTS '

Zog - Give Us a Story!

Life as a dragon can be tough growing up... What kind of dragon will Zog grow into?

'Plunge into the Pirate Pool' for Class D

Class D at School Learning- Monday 8th June

Kinetic Letters 'l' and 'u'

Supertato - Books Alive! Read Aloud book for kids

Miss Jones reads Julia Donaldson's 'Superworm' for Class D

Kinetic Letters 's' and 'q' by Miss Jones

The Big Red Bath- Read by Momma Sue

Kinetic Letters 'd' and 'g'

Enjoy Class D!

Letters 'C' and 'a' by Miss Jones x

'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' The End- by Momma Sue

Goldilocks and the Three Bears Part 2- by Momma Sue

Goldilocks and the Three Bears- Part 1 by Momma Sue

Kinetic Letters 'm' 'r' and 'p'


Kinetic Letters 'h' and 'n'

For Class D! Enjoy :)

Class D


Spring One- 'Our Community'

Week 6- Let us show the love!
Week 5- 'Bats in the Library'
Week 4- We're Going on a Bear Hunt

Outdoor Learing- this week we completed an animal footprint trail, made a leaf collage and played nut, squirrel!

Experiment- what will happen to our sweet if we put it in water for 5 days?

Walk to Dingle Woods!

Week 3- Hobbies
Week 2- Shopping
Week 1- Happy New Year

We are the zero hero group!

Autumn Overview-

In Autumn 1 our topic was 'All About Me' and in Autumn 2 it was 'Celebrate Good Times'

Have a look at some of our lovely learning!

Class D 2018-2019

Summer One-

'Going on a Journey'

Week 4- 'Going on a bear hunt'
Week 3- 'Monkey Puzzle'

Exploring the Outside Area

Week 2- 'Transport'
Week 1- 'Under the Sea'

Spring 2- 'Living Things Around Us'

Week 6/7- Easter

A mystery solved by Class D- who left the golden egg?

The Easter Bunny Visited DPFSU!

Week 5- 'Mother's Day'

Mother's Day Painting

Week 4- 'Animals and their young'
Week 3- 'Farm Animals'
Week 2- 'Wild Animals' 

Road and seat belt safety talk- who needs a booster seat?

Week 1- 'Insects' 

All about mini-beasts!

Spring 1- 'Wonderful Weather'

Welcome back, we hope you had a wonderful Christmas and would like to thank you for all your cards and gifts. 

Week 6- A Celebration of Weather!
Week 5- 'Rainbows' and 'Chinese New Year'
Week 4- 'Rain'
Week 3- 'Storms and Wind' 

Exploring the wind with our wind socks

Week 2- 'Snow and Ice'

Ordinal Numbers

Autumn 2- 'Space'

The Nativity and Christmas

Autumn 1- 'All About Me'


Hello, we are Class D and this half term we will be focusing on the topic 'All About Me'. Each week we will be reading a Mr. Men/ Little Miss Book by Roger Hargreaves.  

Week 8- 'The Gruffalo' and Halloween Fun!

All About Me Show and Tell- Thank you!

The Gruffalo - Read by Alan Mandel

Making our Gruffalo Bread!

Balanceability Week 8

Week 7- 'Mr Tall' and 'Mr Small'

This Week in Maths we Have Been Focusing on Addition!

Week 6- 'Mr Worry' and 'Mr Brave'
Week 5- 'Mr Grumpy' and 'Little Miss Bossy'

Repeating Patterns in Maths

Week 4- 'Mr Messy'

We Completed a 2D Shape Hunt Outside

Mr Messy Challenged Us to Make Jam Sandwiches

This week we started letters and sounds. 

Children's audiobook: 'Mr Messy' by Roger Hargreaves.

'Mr Messy' by Roger Hargreaves. Read by Calvin Sharpe.

Week 2- 'Mr Tickle' and 'Mr Cheerful'

Class D 2017-2018





Summer 1:

'People Who Help Us'

Week 5- 'Police' and 'The Royal Wedding'

This week in Class D a very strange thing happened- Miss Jones' chocolate cake went missing! But who could have done such a terrible thing? The Class D boys and girls worked as a team to solve the mystery, however, this was not an easy task. They had to: study the different suspects, think of and read questions in an interview, compare the different finger prints at the crime scene, match them to the rightful owner and then finally write down all of their evidence and decide who did it! 


 After lots of deliberation the children had a vote and the most likely suspect was... Mrs Wilkinson!


Although the children were correct it turns out she had a lot of accomplices at Dingle... 


To end the week we had a Royal tea party ahead of the royal wedding!

The Royal Tea Party