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Dingle Partnership Foundation Stage Unit (D.P.F.S.U.)

Dingle Ducks

Class D

Welcome to Class D! 2020-2021


Class D PE day is on a Tuesday. Please send your child with a named PE kit in a PE bag on this day. 

Class D Learning at School

Class D- Week Commencing Monday 13th July

Room on the Broom By Julia Donaldson & Illustrated By Axel Scheffler

Children's book read aloud.' ALIENS LOVE UNDERPANTS '

Zog - Give Us a Story!

Life as a dragon can be tough growing up... What kind of dragon will Zog grow into?

'Plunge into the Pirate Pool' for Class D

Class D at School Learning- Monday 8th June

Kinetic Letters 'l' and 'u'

Supertato - Books Alive! Read Aloud book for kids

Miss Jones reads Julia Donaldson's 'Superworm' for Class D

Kinetic Letters 's' and 'q' by Miss Jones

The Big Red Bath- Read by Momma Sue

Kinetic Letters 'd' and 'g'

Enjoy Class D!

Letters 'C' and 'a' by Miss Jones x

'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' The End- by Momma Sue

Goldilocks and the Three Bears Part 2- by Momma Sue

Goldilocks and the Three Bears- Part 1 by Momma Sue

Kinetic Letters 'm' 'r' and 'p'


Kinetic Letters 'h' and 'n'

For Class D! Enjoy :)

Class D


Spring One- 'Our Community'

Week 6- Let us show the love!
Week 5- 'Bats in the Library'
Week 4- We're Going on a Bear Hunt

Outdoor Learing- this week we completed an animal footprint trail, made a leaf collage and played nut, squirrel!

Experiment- what will happen to our sweet if we put it in water for 5 days?

Walk to Dingle Woods!

Week 3- Hobbies
Week 2- Shopping
Week 1- Happy New Year

We are the zero hero group!

Autumn Overview-

In Autumn 1 our topic was 'All About Me' and in Autumn 2 it was 'Celebrate Good Times'

Have a look at some of our lovely learning!

Class D 2018-2019

Summer One-

'Going on a Journey'

Week 4- 'Going on a bear hunt'
Week 3- 'Monkey Puzzle'

Exploring the Outside Area

Week 2- 'Transport'
Week 1- 'Under the Sea'

Spring 2- 'Living Things Around Us'

Week 6/7- Easter

A mystery solved by Class D- who left the golden egg?

The Easter Bunny Visited DPFSU!

Week 5- 'Mother's Day'

Mother's Day Painting

Week 4- 'Animals and their young'
Week 3- 'Farm Animals'
Week 2- 'Wild Animals' 

Road and seat belt safety talk- who needs a booster seat?

Week 1- 'Insects' 

All about mini-beasts!

Spring 1- 'Wonderful Weather'

Welcome back, we hope you had a wonderful Christmas and would like to thank you for all your cards and gifts. 

Week 6- A Celebration of Weather!
Week 5- 'Rainbows' and 'Chinese New Year'
Week 4- 'Rain'
Week 3- 'Storms and Wind' 

Exploring the wind with our wind socks

Week 2- 'Snow and Ice'

Ordinal Numbers