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Adrift Year 2 clip

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Reading Books


Good morning all and happy Friday! I know when I spoke to some parents yesterday I mentioned about being able to pick up some new reading books for your child(ren) in exchange for their current ones. We are doing this based on time slots so that we can allow for social distancing. Please see the table below to check your day and time to exchange. 


Surname beginning with... Date Time Slot
A, B and C Monday 15th June 10:00 - 11:00
D, E, F and G Monday 15th June 11:30 - 12:30
H, I, J, K, L, and M Monday 15th June 1:30 - 2:30
N, O, P, Q and R Tuesday 16th June 10:00 - 11:00
S, T, U, V, W, X, Y and Z Tuesday 16th June 11:30 - 12:30


The books will be in the main office for you to collect, please use the marked lines on the car park to ensure social distancing, there is hand gel to use on your entry and departure and a box for you to put their current books into. All staff have selected books and placed them in a named plastic wallet for you to collect. 


Please also remember that oxford owl is a free online library that we would recommend for our children as it covers texts for all ages and genres.


I hope you all have a lovely weekend I will see/speak/write to you all next week. 

Mrs T-W 

Year 1's Work WB 08.08.20 - it has been another busy week for you all! I have been kept going with some lovely poems, tricky word searches as well as some very creative crafts. Thank you for sharing these with me and I look forward to seeing what you all get up to next week! Mrs T-W

Year 1's Work WB 01.06.20 - It has been lovely to begin to get to know some of you this week and your work has been amazing! Thank you for sharing this with myself and Miss Dwyer, have a lovely weekend and I will speak to you all next week! Mrs T-W

Class N Work from home


How are you getting on with your reading? I know that some of you have finished you school books and do a lot of reading at home. For those of you that want to try something new or need some direction this might help you: 

This shows how you might be able to challenge yourself with your reading as well as authors and books you may not have come across. 

Some of these can be found on the oxford owl website and there are lots more to explore on here too. 

Happy Reading!

Mrs Taylor-Ward smiley

Purple Mash

Good Morning Year 1

I know that Miss Dwyer has set some work on purple mash for you to use but some of you may struggle to log on so I'm here to help!


You need to go to RMUnify:


Then you need to turn your username (the same one you login to the computers at school) into an email address:


Your password is the same as normal. 


If you can't remember your username or password please feel free to email me at and I will send you the details. 


Hope this helps!

Mrs Taylor-Ward smiley

Past daily activities to be completed during school closure - Class I

Class N's Home Learning

Rhiannon's video - part 2!

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Class N's home learning

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Class N's Home learning

Adding 2 two-digit numbers 13.05.20

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Past daily activities to be completed during school closure - Class N

Y1 Return to School Work Tasks

'Don't Step on a Bee Day!'

We created bubble wrap bee hive paper and added our own buzzing bees!

We designed and made homes and shelters for small woodland animals. 

We enjoyed our mini DT project. It was fun!

                                                          Wind Chimes!
Origami Cats

Natural Artwork in the style of 'Andy Goldsworthy'.

Butterfly Sun Catchers

'Woodland Scenes' with clay mini-beasts.

What creatures can you see?

'Lolly Stick Fans' to keep you cool in the Summer!

                                        We created 'Sand Art' pictures.
                                HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!

We decorated digestive biscuits to recap and record our recall of our number bonds to 10.

We can't wait to enjoy the biscuits!

What pairs of numbers can you see?

We created symmetrical butterflies and printed with potatoes to make ladybirds.

Our butterflies are so colourful and eye-catching! 

Look at the patterns and mixtures of blended colours!

How many spots can you see on our ladybird families?

​​​​​​We made paper plate owls following a set of instructions.

They looked wicked hanging in the trees! We wish they were real and could come alive!

Coffee Filter Butterflies

Summer Sunset Art

We created 'Woodland Summer Sunsets' with a mixture of painting and collage.

We painted and decorated small terracota pots with patterns using different colours.

We made kites from coloured paper.

We decorated our kites with colourful pictures and patterns before assembling them together.

We tested them outside in the playground.

We had fun running around flying them in the wind!

                                 Non-Chronological Writing - All about Owls

We created Seasonal Discovery Bottles - 'Summer in a Bottle' - by collecting small objects associated with Summer.

We used shells, flowers, petals, coloured ribbons and pompoms to represent colourful gardens and the sunshine.

We had fun adding coloured water and glitter too!

                                                    Multi Media Flowers

We created 'Sunflowers' and 'Tulips' by printing with forks and toothbrushes.

It was quite strange, but looks effective.

We made paper windmills using coloured paper.

What do you think?

We have made cress heads following Mr. Blooms instructions on cbeebies.

Fingers crossed our heads will start to grow cress hair in a weeks time.

 We'll keep you posted!

Look at our cress head characters now after 2 weeks! WOW!

They look so different and funny. We had fun watching them change and grow.

Mrs Evans & Miss Dwyer

We planted some broad beans seeds in clear containers so we can observe how they grow. What will happen?

We have to be very patient!

Wait and see!

Look what happened after 3 weeks!

We observed what happened to our seeds over 3 weeks and look what happened!

We measured the height of the stems, watched the roots grow longer and longer in search of water and counted new leaves growing daily.

We recorded our findings in a diary. 

We also planted our beans into small pots and added small sticks to help support the plants.

We are very proud of our broad beans and plan to plant them in our gardens.

Y1 Home Learning - Maths

Y1 Home Learning - Examples of Writing completed at Home

Y1 Home Learning - Design Technology

My Gingerbread House Design - Lily
What have I used to make my house? Talliah
Cooking Gingerbread Men - Rhys
SUPER Sandwiches!  Rhys
What can you see? - Evie

Y1 Home Learning - Art & Crafts

Woodland Scene - Archie
Spiderman Sun Catcher - Archie
Paper Plate Owl Craft - Archie
'Owl Babies' by Nikitha
Woodland Animal Printing - Evie
Plant Paintings - Evie
Look what I made from collecting sticks! Tia-Grace
Painting Pebbles - What can you see? Evie
Junk Modelling - Evie

Y1 Home Learning - TASC Geography

'Woodland Map' with key - Nikitha

Y1 TASC - Art Work based upon Chinese Dragons.


Home Learning

We looked at 'Dragon Eyes' in depth and detail and created our own by making collages, sculptures, sketches and paintings using different media. Here are our finished pieces of Artwork.

What do you think?

Mrs. Anderson's Craft Challenge - To Create a Self-Portrait


VE Day 75th Anniversary

Decorated Window - Evie
Time to remember and celebrate! Evie
What is VE Day? Evie
Decorations by Leo

Kieran made a 'Well Being' Jar with his family - Things to look forward to!

Painting rainbows for hope and a brighter future!

Year 1

Why not try a scavenger hunt? Lets see how many you can complete!

Y1 Science - 'Terrific Trees!'

PE Dance, 'At the Seaside'

Y1 RE - Easter, tasting 'Hot Cross Buns'!

World Book Day!

Year 1 and Year 4 shared their favourite books and stories with one another.

They enjoyed looking at the pictures and talking about the different characters and settings.

For World Book Day, Year 1 explored the story, 'The Gruffalo'.

We used materials from the school grounds to create our own woodland creatures from the story.

We had so much fun!

Y1 Shrove Tuesday - Pancake Day!

Literacy - Non-Chronological Reports

We had images of families celebrating the Chinese New Year.

We labelled the different parts of the pictures using initial sounds, word building using our phonics and adding appropriate adjectives to describe.

A Chinese Dragon Dance

A Taste of China!

We completed a taste tasting and evaluating activity, using thinking skills to make predictions.

Which Chinese foods do you know already?

Can you only eat Chinese food in China?


We followed verbal and written instructions on 'How to make a Chinese Paper Lantern'.

The Great Wall of China Challenge

We made models of a Chinese landmark - The Great Wall of China.

We used a variety of construction materials.

The aim of the activity was to make the longest wall!

KS1 Christmas Performance of 'A King is Born'.

Y1 Performance Costumes

Roman Soldiers, Inn Keepers, Travellers, Census Takers and Citizens

Y1 Literacy - 'Norman the Slug who saved Christmas!'

Y1 Mathematics Investigation - 'Shape Wheels'

We made a sequence of coloured shapes, changing one attribute at a time so that the sequence could end where it started, forming a circular sequence.

We realised that there was more than one solution!

Y1 Literacy - Performance Poetry, 'I'm a little Hedgehog'.

Y1 TASC - Creating African Huts

Y1 Maths

Adding small numbers by counting on using a bead string.

Y1 Literacy - 'The 3 Billy Goat's Gruff'

Y1 Mathematics - Problem Solving

'Tricky Tracks'

Children used reasoning and logic to play ahead in playing a game on a 1-20 track.

Y1 Science - Sense Detectives!

We looked at the 5 senses and performed simple tests in the context of investigating each in detail.

We gathered information to solve a puzzle.

Y1 Mathematics - Place Value

We marked tags on a beaded line and labelled numbers in between.

We read and wrote numbers to 20.

Y1 Literacy

In English, we have been looking at the story, 'Not a Stick' by Antoinette Portis.

We let our imaginations run wild with this magical, fun-filled book!

We found sticks of our own and transported them into ...

Y1 Guided Reading

We have been looking at boats within our topic on 'Transport'and decided to make some of our own.

We designed, made, tested and evaluated them.

It was so much fun!

We identified and named a variety of common wild and garden plants by exploring a range of sensory plants.

We gathered and recorded data by creating pictograms showing out most popular sensory plants.

Sport's Day!

Year 2 Problem Solving using Tens and Ones

Year 2 Displays

Planting Beans

We considered what plants need to grow.

We planted some broad beans, watered them and placed them in a sunny place. We each labelled our pots.

Over the next few weeks, we will measure their growth weekly with a ruler and fill in our 'Bean Plant Diaries'.

Look at how well our broad beans have grown over the last few weeks.


Y1 Class Displays