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Your Easter Challenge!

It goes without saying that we can't have our normal Easter Bonnet Parades and Egg Decorating Competition, but the thought of this made me so sad that I've decided that we're going to use the wonder of technology to have them anyway!!


Ducks and classes D, I and N:

I challenge you to make your Easter bonnets! If you do want to join in, make them and then send me a photo of you modelling your bonnet, as an attachment to an email to and I'll post it on the website so we can have a virtual parade!


Classes G, L, E and S:

I challenge you to egg decorating! If you do want to join in, decorate your eggs and then send a photo as an email attachment to and I will post the photos to the website, so that we have a virtual display rather than a display in the Community Room.


Just like we did last year, we will even judge the bonnets and eggs and will make sure winners get prizes and announce the winners online!


Any bonnet or egg decorating photos need to be emailed over by Wednesday 8th April and will be posted by the Easter weekend!


Good luck and enjoy crafting! You may need to get creative with your recycling and other things you can find in your house and garden, but I really wanted to keep the traditions of our bonnet parade and egg decorating competition alive!


Mrs Anderson xx